Japan Bombing Air Photo Gallery 2
(87IBS/28-1-20)(21 FEB 45) (34000) (5293AC) (JAPAN) Confidential

[radar scan?]
(87IBS/II-2-7) (26 JAN 45)  (24000) (5293AC) (PAGAN IS.) Confidential

[radar scan?]
unlabeled photo; burned-out Japanese city.
Nagoya area, Confidential [bombs visible]
Nagoya 18PL883BS476IA/C5 MI [photomerge of 2 scans]
Nagoya 21BC 5MI74 IV 5-14-0956 24-16400, Restricted [photomerge of 2 scans; creases in photo paper visible in right half]
Miyazaki Airfield, Restricted [bomb bursts visible]
3PR4M4-IL:80 Top Secret [Note unusual rectangle in upper right of lower left quadrant (some sort of camouflage?)]