The photos in this gallery were scanned from small size photographs (e.g., 4" X 5"). Some were found in the envelopes of a two set collection of U.S. Marine Corps Photos--however they may only have been stored there and not be a part of the collection. The collection is labeled:

  U.S. Marine Corps Photos
  Set No. 1 (or 2)
  Saipan Operation
  June 16, 1944
  Price $1.20
  Official Photos Co.
  5338 Hollywood Boulevard
  Hollywood 27, California 
Japan Bombing Air Photo Gallery 3
20 AF POW supply drop
unlabeled oblique photo of airfield with plane.
unlabeled photo. Appears to show priest saying Mass in front of B-29.
unlabeled photo. B-29 Serial No. 42-24625, Lady Mary Anna. Dragon insignia on nose?
unlabeled photo. Airman next to B-29 (assumed) propellor.