B29 and Saipan World War II Memorabilia Gallery 3
This is a map on what feels like silk. It's entitled "Okinawa Shima & Parece Vela, NACI-Hydrographic Office, Washington D.C., NACI-HO No. S7B-9-4." Perhaps this was a navigational aid for air crews in case they had to ditch?
Cover of "Soldier's Souvenir Handybook", 1942 (approx. 4"X6"). This is essentially an orientation to serving in the Armed Forces with sections on "What...are you fighting for?", postal rates, rail distances, how to properly take cover in the field, facts on gas masks, glossary on common military expressions, and room for address and autographs of "my war buddies"...and more.
Introduction to "Soldier's Souvenir Handybook" shown above.