B-29 Ground Crew Photo Gallery 6

73rd Wing, 497 Bomb Group, 871st Squadron

All photos by Dick Bastasch

Copyright 2007 by R. A. Bastasch
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Ernie Schapel, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Disbrow, Kelly, Hayes
Wm. Follett, John Goodrich
Kastl, Drake, Gray Rear turret/gun port looks disassembled.
Eddie Bach
Dick Bastasch
Darrow, The Shape Dad said the names on the bombs were for Darrow's wife and kids. Dad jokingly referred to himself as The Shape or The Face--at least for these photos. Note copper wire in foreground (fuse? release mechanism?).
The Shape, Louis Fecci (The Bronix) The Shape = Dick Bastasch; I suspect "Bronix" may be how Fecci pronounced it. Note moccassins on Fecci?
Dick Bastasch