Air Photos Showing Bombing of Japan

These pages contain images scanned from photographs my Dad, Dick Bastasch, brought back from his service with the 73rd Wing, 497th Bomb Group, 871st squadron on Saipan (each affixed with a label indicating "Classification removed by authority of the Commanding General, 20th Air Force...1 October 1945")

The photos are mostly aerial shots of bombing raids and post-strike damage assessments. They generally bear classifications of Restricted, Confidential, or Top Secret. Some are aerial obliques of subjects of military interest, POW air supply drops, or what appear to be radar scans.

On the gallery pages (use the navigation buttons below), I show a thumbnail of the image, which can be clicked to view a larger version. Each image is watermarked to protect unauthorized use. If viewers want an electronic copy of any image, they're available upon request by emailing:

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